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Kuni of the Gatterburg
born: 7.11.2021
Colour: Wheat

Kuni came into our pack when she was 8 weeks old. Here, our Hovawart bitch Angie sniffed her and declared her fit for the pack. Angie immediately took on the role of deputy mother and first showed her around the property.

The sheep poodle is a very trainable breed that demands learning and obedience. We used these characteristics to support Kuni in her further development. She found her place in our pack very quickly and correctly. Patience and consistency ultimately paid off and made it easier for Kuni to get along with others.

in the puppy box...

Shortly after her arrival, we went on winter vacation. It was amazing how quickly she settled in and hiked through the Giant Mountains with us.

Kuni loves to frolic in the water and takes every opportunity she can. It's great to see how much fun she has and how much energy she develops when she swims.
She gets on well with other animals. She treats them with the respect they deserve, but then makes contact very quickly.

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