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Sheep poodle breeding

from Mühlenbach

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Institute for holistic sheep poodle breeding
Sheep poodle from Mühlenbach
Herzlich Willkommen bei
-Schafpudel vom Mühlenbach-

Few things give me such a comforting feeling of trust as the loyalty of a sheep poodle.....

We are pleased that you and your family are interested in our sheep poodle breeding.

At the "Institute for Holistic Sheep Poodle Breeding" we breed an exceptional breed of dog in a loving and caring environment. We are committed to a responsible breeding program and attach great importance to ensuring that our sheep poodles remain healthy and happy when they find their new home.

On the following pages we would like to introduce you to the sheep poodle and get you excited about this lovable, shaggy family dog. If you have any questions about the sheep poodle, please feel free to contact us.

Kuni in Friedrichsbrunn

We do not breed sheep poodles just out of passion. It is important to us that our breeding efforts are in the interest of both the sheep poodle and its future owner. Through many years of successful breeding at the Institute for Holistic Sheep Poodle Breeding , a breeding line has been established in which only healthy, good-natured, family-oriented and strong-nerved sheep poodles are allowed to breed.


We are planning our next litter for June 2025. If you are interested in this remarkable dog breed, please call us or write to us

an email.

Phone: +49 039038907878

Mobile: 017657957211

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