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Here you will find information about breeding at the Institute for Holistic Sheep Poodle Breeding .

For us, breeding responsibly means putting the interests of the sheep poodle and the puppy buyer at the forefront of our breeding efforts. The sheep poodle has a right to a long, healthy life and our puppy buyers have a legitimate claim to a healthy sheep poodle with strong nerves.

We ensure this claim through a careful mating analysis, in which the health of our sheep poodles is given clear priority over their external appearance. The basis for the mating analysis includes, among other things, the exclusion of sheep poodles that carry the Merle defect gene (see "Health"), breeding with HD-healthy sheep poodles, as well as heart examinations and extensive offspring checks. We strictly reject inbreeding or line breeding in order to protect our sheep poodles from the associated damage in the long term. The holistic aspect of our breeding is also expressed in the fact that we use homeopathic therapies and Bach flowers to strengthen the healthy genetic makeup of our breeding dogs and support the individual development of our puppies.

Well-known veterinarians and professors from veterinary colleges support us in our multifaceted efforts.

Source: The Sheep Poodle

Sheep poodle puppy Kuni at 4 weeks

Since we see our sheep poodles first and foremost as a family member and a good friend, we strictly reject kennel keeping and mass breeding. In order to meet the institute's high breeding and rearing standards, our breeders need a lot of idealism and enthusiasm. We are very aware of the great responsibility we have towards the puppies we breed and their future owners. That is why all puppies grow up in the immediate community of our family and are carefully imprinted and socialized. In order to protect the interests of the sheep poodle and our puppy buyers, we only work with breeders who support this breeding philosophy and are looked after and monitored by us.

We have acquired the knowledge necessary for our work in thirty years of breeding activity. Many years of breeding management work in the VDH, looking after breeders, attending conferences and seminars, and reading the latest cynological literature have accompanied us on our journey.

It is important to us to support every puppy buyer with health or educational questions about the sheep poodle even after the puppy has been handed over.

Source: The Sheep Poodle

A - Litter

On April 4, 2023, Kuni gave birth to her puppies. The 2 girls and 2 boys are healthy and happy and the mother is doing well. From the very beginning, she has instinctively and lovingly cared for her offspring.

1 week


2 weeks


3 week

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