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Our story, our dogs, our home

We are Silke and Harald Jamko, and we live with our animals in a tranquil village in western Altmark. Surrounded by forests, rivers, meadows and fields, we found a suitable home for us and our children. Animals have always been a part of our family.

At some point, however, we thought that something was missing in our family and our lives. And then we suddenly had the inspiration... a dog!!! Choosing the breed was easy, as a good friend of ours had a male Hovawart. And so the family council decided... we would take in a Hovawart. No sooner said than done, and Abby moved in with us in 2007. In 2011, we had our first litter, from which we kept our second female Hovawart, Angie. We then had another three litters with her. After our Abby crossed the rainbow bridge, it took us a long time to welcome a new family member into our hearts. Since we had bought a mobile home in the meantime and had traveled a lot, it should be a smaller breed. Silke researched on the Internet and came to the decision... it should be a sheep poodle. We inquired in the

" Institute for holistic sheep poodle breeding " was looking for an experienced breeder and found an enthusiastic, experienced and competent breeder in Nina Borzner.

On November 7th, 2021 our Kuni was born.


Dear sheep poodle enthusiasts, if you have any questions about our sheep poodle breeding or the sheep poodle breed, please call us or send us an email.



Silke and Harald Jamko

Barnebeck 27

29410 Hanseatic City of Salzwedel

Phone: +49 039038 907878

Mobile: +49 0176 57957211



The Altmark

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